Specializing in Social Security Disability

"The process was very slow and intimidating until I hired Gary and they took on everything. Then I just had to be at the meetings and the hearings. At the hearing, Gary made a motion to change the start date of my claim and won me an extra year of backpay. Greg K. - Southeast ND

"Gary listened to me. He was able to help me go the right direction to get the help I needed. We worked together to prepare for my day in court."

Beda N. - Fargo, ND


"Before I filed for disability, I contacted Ficek Law and even before becoming a client they helped by answering questions on how to file. After the first denial while still not officially a client, Ficek Law helped with the appeal. Everyone at Ficek Law always treated me with the utmost respect and that was a good feeling during this trying time."

David D. - Northeast ND


"Mr. Ficek represented me well. A very organized attorney. The process is too complicated for the ordinary person to grasp. I didn't know what to expect when I had my initial visit, but Gary put me at ease and we talked through the entire process and what I could expect to happen. He was very up front and forward about the likelihood of my receiving Social Security disability benefits. I came away feeling very confident about my case and was impressed with Gary's knowledge and professionalism."

Michael B. - SE ND



"Despite all the detailed evidence contained in my medical records SSA insisted that I be examined by a doctor that they appointed. I was examined by a doctor who was certified to practice internal medicine. His examination of me took a little over 5 minutes. I also was required to submit to a couple of x-rays. I came away from that examination feeling that the doctor could have cared less about me as a person. The exam was very discouraging... Shortly after the examination, I received a denial letter on my disability claim from the SSA. At this point I contacted Gary Ficek. He sent an appeal letter to SSA on my behalf.... He was upfront about the fees for his services and what, if any, expenses might be incurred in handling my case. He kept an open line of communication if something developed. He treated me like a person. I and my wife have both used his services and we were both awarded our disability claims. I have no regrets for using his services. One thing I have learned is that if you are going to file a disability claim, it helps to have someone knowledgeable to legally represent your best interest. The stakes are too high not to." Thomas M. Southeast ND

The process was great with the staff and Gary.  Great team approach.  They didn't waste any time. They were efficient, kind, professional, and sincere...

I was impressed with not having stress. The services were thorough, everything was done in a timely manner, the staff was supportive and knowledgable. The price for the services was reasonable and I would highly recommend them.

Jane R. - NW Minnesota

Gary was very nice and thorough. He made sure he gathered all the info and then used that to form a case that was satisfying and winnable.

Mary O. - SE North Dakota

"From the beginning of the process Gary took the time to listen. In every contact with Gary and his staff, they were courteous and generous with their time and gave pertinent and helpful information beyond what my questions addressed. I would recommend their services without any reservations." - Margie

"Gary has an honest caring approach. He is straight-forward in his answers and works extremely hard on your case. I was very impressed with a brief he submitted for an appeal. I was always treated with respect and understanding throught the long process from Gary and his staff who are very efficient and wonderful, caring people. If it wasn't for all of the support at Ficek Law, I don't know if I could have made it through to reach a positive outcome." - S.K. SE ND


{I was impressed by} How knowledgeable you are about the process. How well you kept me informed and sent me copies of everything. Joseph S., NW Minnesota

{I was impressed by} How knowledgeable you are about the process. How well you kept me informed and sent me copies of everything.

Joseph S.